Freepbx Backup Restore between versions

We have an old Trixbox CE device with ~400 extensions.
Running Asterisk 1.4.20 and FreePBX framework

We are implementing new hardware and at the same time updating Asterisk and Freepbx.

My question is this.
Can I restore a FreePBX backup taken with the old version into the latest version of FreePBX?

I obviously cannot upgrade FreePBX on the current system any further.

I’m going to be testing over the next couple of weeks anyway but wanted to get a heads up if anyone has some input.



Trixbox CE

OK, looks like manual intervention required.
1, bulk import/export extensions.
2, bring over voicemails/recordings.
3, setup ring groups/IVR/time conditions/PINSETS/custom contexts.
4, bring over phone provisioning data and setup dhcpd.
5, setup trunks

That is the safest way to accomplish your goal.