FreePBX Back ups vs VPS Back ups

Hey guys, I wanted to consult with you about backing up the FreePBX instance.

In a case where the FreePBX is installed in the cloud VPS server, do I really need to use the FreePBX back up when I can just have automatic daily back ups of the whole VPS server enabled, and they would back up the whole thing on a daily basis?

What do you guys think?

Any thoughts?

Hello -

If i were you, I would still set up another backup PBX. May be a warm spare that sits on-site on your network with spare hardware in the even that the host goes offline. This year we have had some major player have outages and I would rather be safe than sorry if i were you. Setting up a warm spare will give you the ability to fail over to another location in the event of an outage as long as your Trunk provider lets you do so. Here are some directions that I have followed to do just that:


I would go with the nightly snapshot/backup it would be able to recover a working system where the FreePBX restore might not be able, to it backs up the data and status of FreePBX and Asterisk, if damage is done outside those two you might be SOOL, so if it worked yesterday then the snapshot/backup would work today as well as it worked yesterday.

That’s right. That’s what i was thinking too. A nightly snapshot might actually make the back up process so much easier and more reliable. I haven’t even been able to fully restore FreePBX using its full back up option. Not even mentioning that their back up module won’t save the configuration. It’s just not reliable right now.

It has never been reliable.