FreePBX Automatic Audio Recording?

Hi there everyone , i wanted to record all my calls onto my PBX server, and I do not found how to record everything.

If somebody would like to help me out this will be really appreciated.

THanks in advance !

I’ve never been able to get the recording to work the way I want so perhaps I’m not the right guy to answer but here goes:
On the Inbound routes tab set the recording to record all calls.
I don’t know of any similar setting on the Outbound routes nor the trunk tab so you’ll also need to go into each extension and set it to record there as well.

In theory there is a priority setting so that if two settings conflict (such as setting the inbound route to always record and an extension to never record) it knows how to handle the traffic.

I say in theory because it’s never worked for me. I’ve never been able to record calls where the “follow-me” routes a call off to an external phone such as a cell phone. I’ve never been able to get it to NOT record the boss’s phone calls.

Keep in mind that once recorded anyone who knows a mailbox passcode can listen to every conversation that person had. Anyone who has access to the call records can also listen to every phone call.

It can cause a lot of problems when the wrong person decides they want to listen in on your phone calls.

It’s only to make sur that people are doing good procedure they have to do on the VoIP, we are having like 10 Employee that are using the same number it’s only for emergency. But just to keep ourself ganrantee it’s to be sure that the people are not divulgating any personal data of our customer.

So How would you do the technique you were talking ?

Thank you very much !

Go to the tabs I mentioned and just flip the switch.
Connectivity->Inbound Routes->select the route->Set Call Recording to Record
Repeat for each inbound route.

Then for each extension
Applications->Extensions->select extension->Recording Options->set all options to "Always"
Repeat for each extension.

Applications->Queues->Select queue->->General Queue options-> Set Call Recording to wav.
Repeat for each Queue

Applications->Ring Groups->select group->Record Calls->always
Repeat for each group.

there is no any options about Queues & or Ring Groups…

What version of FreePBX are you on? Those options are there on the current releases. Are you on an old system?

I’m on the version given by AsteriskNOW! Actually i aint sure how to verify this information…

Ok you’re on the wrong website completely. This is the FreePBX website. That explains why you can’t find the settings. You’re in the wrong program. You should try a website for AsteriskNow or upgrade to FreeBPX.

Ummm.Asterisknow includes FreePBX.

Oh. Well I guess I overcharged for my free help then. I thought Asterisknow was a different distribution based on Asterisk with an option to install the FreePBX admin GUI. I didn’t realize FreeBPX Distro and Asterisknow are one is the same.
If they’re the same, then why doesn’t have have the same menu structure?

Clearly I’ve missed something. Wouldn’t be the first time. I’ll step aside and let one of the more qualified people assist him.

I never said that Asterisknow is the FreePBX Distro. The FreePBX distro is it’s own project sponsored by Schmooze.

Asterisknow includes FreePBX. So the menu structure should be the same. There are just several items broken in the Asterisknow.

I think Asterisknow also lets you install the ASTgui instead of FreePBX, maybe that’s where you are confused?

LOL I get confused about a lot of things. My experience is only that of a Trixbox user converted to a FreePBX user. I try to help those I can to free up the experts to work on bigger problems. Sometimes I’m wrong. It happens. I just do what I can to help the community as a whole. I play only a small part.

Where are the files actually saved ?

They are saved in the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/2012/11/13 directory (with the last few directories being the date

You actually solved my problem, the records are placed there , so the recording is working well the only problem now is the ARI is not showing any record listed. But i’m going into another forum to get help by another person that might know better Asterisk GUI.

Thank you for your gracefull help.