FreePBX-athon to Accelerate Progress

If you’ve been watching our trac timeline you will have noticed a burst of activity lately. What’s going on? Well some of the team decided it was time to get together and have a FreePBX-athon, a good solid week of coding, planning and of course a little fun! So Greg (groogs) got on the plane this past Saturday and and we started with some serious project planning.

The first thing on our agenda was to lock ourselves away from all interuptions and get some quality time to plan the week and the future of FreePBX. Here we are in isolation making those plans:

FreePBX-athon Planning the Future

That's Greg on the right, also known as groogs or gregmac in various forums, trac, etc. Philippe (me) in the middle (philippel, p_lindheimer) and Andy on the left (fool4kate, abrown) who has been extremely active in the project but often a bit silent online as I have done most of the checkins for him in the past. We'll update you with other team members as the few remaining participants come trickling in over the course of the week.

After our laborious offsite planning meeting, it was time for the fun part so Greg and I locked ourselves into my home office where we began to kick out a bunch of code!

First FreePBX-athon - working hard

(That's Greg on the left, Philippe (me) on the right)

If you recall in the first announcement, we mentioned the new features for 2.3beta2:

  • Release 0.27 of the Flash Operator Panel
  • An improved FreePBX Landing Page with some useful status information
  • Online Update Checker - to inform you of available updates without the need to actively check in Module Admin

These are what all the excitment has been about with the flurry of activity. Afterwards, we will lock down the release (that means feature freeze), put out beta2 and drive towards the final release quickly! The really cool one is the Landing Page, of which I will say no more - you'll have to live in suspense for a few more days and you will see what that is all about! As part of the landing page effort we are also giving the GUI a bit of a facelift and we will be looking forward to getting your feedback and comments on a new and improved look, so stay tuned.

FOP 0.27 has already been put into SVN. The Online Update Checker is mostly there and will be finished up this week, allowing you to be informed about new updates in addition to (or instead of) today's requirement that you go and manually check for updates periodically.

As the week progresses, we will be putting some focus on those topics that have been on my mind lately, remember - these ones.

The GUI work is a prelude to the web site face lift that I mentioned in that past post, with lots more to come. We have touched on the new FreePBX Integrated End Point Manager, of which a lot has happened prior to this event, and we will be going over it the rest of this week. Stay tuned on that one - there will be more to come shortly.

Before we get back to work, here's a quick update on 2.3.0beta1. The release continues to work great with very few bugs reported that were not something already lurking in the 2.2.2 stable release. Since we continue to backport all such fixes to the 2.2 branch, we're planning on 2.2.3 maintance release next week.

Regarding the beta testing, here are some statistics. We have had over 600 people load and run the beta, of which a large percentage of those appear to remain active. The split of Asterisk 1.2 versions vs. Asterisk 1.4 versions is about 45%/55% so the testing is getting very good coverage across both branches.


Well - so much for what we've been up to, it's time to get off the blog and get back to the fun part. We'll be back in touch later this week with another update of how things are going here, stay tuned!

-- Philippe