FreePBX-athon: Abducted by cosmicwombat

I just got back dropping Greg off at the airport and the rest of the group has gone their separate ways for now. The progress this week has been great. Getting together like this is something we will have to do more often. After making the FreePBX-athon post earlier this week, cosmicwombat got wind of our coding party and decided to abduct us to his stomping grounds on Lummi Island where we were treated to a gourmet dinner at The Willows Inn, a First Class Inn and restaurant and recent adopter of a FreePBX based phone system that Robert installed just a few weeks ago.

Here we are on the terrace with the San Juan and Gulf Islands in the backdrop and a great sunset. Starting from the left going clockwise around the table are James (jscanlan), me (philippel), Greg (gregmac), Andy (abrown) and our host cosmicwombat (Robert Keller). James had just flown in the night before, another one of the extremely active contributors who has been working silently in the background, recently helping to get our new website face-lift up and going which is not too far off now.

Eating dinner with cosmicwombat (Robert Keller)

Dinner at the Willow Inn, Lummi Island, WA, USA

After a great dinner Robert unloaded some excess Dungeness crabs on us that he just pulled out of the Puget Sound that morning; crab season just opened - Yey! So after some more coding and planning fun, we had yet another gourmet meal compliments of cosmicwombat again, the next day!

FreePBX team has crabs!

Dungeness Crab Compliments of cosmicwombat

If you've been following Trac then you will have seen plenty more check-ins, the new dashboard module show up but not yet accessible (more fuel for the suspense) and for those brave few pulling straight from SVN, a glimpse or two of the new styling and logo changes we are about to unveil. With this weeks progress, we are close to releasing Beta2. We have a few loose ends to cleanup and some additional testing to go through. If all goes well we should be able to get it out early next week!

Beta1 Status

Beta1 continues to look great with over 700 beta sites, a majority of them being active. The mix of Asterisk versions continues to be about 55% Asterisk 1.4 / 45% Asterisk 1.2 so we are very happy with what we are seeing. Stay tuned for more details about Beta2 as well as the 2.2.3 maintenance release coming soon. --philippel