FreePBX asterisk sending ReInvite with In-dialog

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(Praveen B V) #1


While the calls are setup successfully, there are re-invites from Asterisk to the other end point, where the invite is with in-dialog, how can we stop/disable this in Asterisk/FreePBX?In_Dialog

Can you please help here, if anyone has experienced this.

(Simon Telephonics) #2

What is the problem with this?

(Greg Snover) #3

My question too - and not snarky either - What problem does this cause so I can know it if I run into it?

(Praveen B V) #4

The first Invite which is sent, is normalIn_Dialog1

Question here, is why is asterisk sending re-invite with In-dialog again to the other end point.
How can such re-invites be suppressed? when the actual invite is good enough for the call to pass thru

(Joshua C. Colp) #5

Re-INVITEs can be used for such things as setting up direct media, updating connected line information so the endpoint reflects who they are actually connected to, and for changing media streams. Without actually showing a SIP trace, one can only guess that it is likely updating connected line information.

(Praveen B V) #6

Thank you for the feedback, we’ve now removed the codec H.263 (video) from our softphone and using just audio (G711.Mu,G711.A,G729), we do not see these re-invite with In-dialog.