Freepbx/Asterisk No such file or directory Recording


I know much people already made a topic about it but I think I’m a bit different than the other people and searching for a day didn’t really help me to fix the issue so far.

Anyways my settings:

  • FreePBX :
  • Asterisk: 15.1.4

The issue here is the following:

I installed FreePBX before on the recommended settings but I got the same.
I upload or make the recordings and they are playing back by a browser without any problem.
When I try to play the recording through IVR or Play recording directly from incoming it gives me this error:

[2018-04-06 13:53:25] VERBOSE[16447][C-0000000b] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:2]             Playback(“SIP/77709012579-00000009”, “custom/test”) in new stack
[2018-04-06 13:53:25] WARNING[16447][C-0000000b] file.c: File custom/test does not exist in any format
[2018-04-06 13:53:25] WARNING[16447][C-0000000b] file.c: Unable to open custom/test (format (alaw)): No such file or directory
[2018-04-06 13:53:25] WARNING[16447][C-0000000b] app_playback.c: Playback failed on SIP/77709012579-00000009 for custom/test

so I changed the permissions tried somethings and I found out that when I play it through Languages and then selecting the recording it works perfectly…

Now I want to use IVR and that won’t let me use language.

can someone help me out to find a fix for it?

Joris Dijkstra

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