freePBX & Asterisk export/import from an older version to a newer version?

Hello everyone,

currently we are using free PBX 10.13.66-2 & Asterisk 13.12.2.
Our plan is to upgrade to a newer freePBX/Asterisk Version probably the latest suggested version:
FreePBX 14 • Linux 7.5 • Asterisk 13 or 15

Are there any known problems doing the move to a new vm with the latest versions? I was going to export the data via my freePBX GUI & do some configuration/files backups manually.

Or is it better to move to a vm with the same freePBX/Asterisk Versions and try to upgrade from that state? Because our current distro won’t be able to handle the new freePBX/Asterisk version.

If you are going to export/import manually, then you need to be on the same version, and later upgrade to FreePBX 14.

However, I would setup a 14 machine and use the conversion tool which allows you to copy the configuration live to the new PBX and it won’t interrupt or change anything on your existing PBX.

I would use Asterisk 13. as 15 is in Security Fix Only status

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