FreePBX/Asterisk Daemon

I’ve been developing a lightweight daemon for maintaining live status of a FreePBX system. The objective is to build an open source method of obtaining system state that can be used by any application. Currently it tracks Channels, Devices, Extensions, Trunks, Parked Calls, and MeetMe Conferences.

I’m looking for people who would be able to beta test and/or enhance the project.

What I have ready for testing is the daemon and a Demo Application for displaying system state.

Anyone interested in getting involved/helping out?

Sure — Does it use the manager interface?

Yes, it uses the manager interface to gather information. The current beta package is broken into two parts.

  1. The daemon which gathers all the statistics
  2. A demo web app which gives the information to the end user in an esthetically pleasing format.

While the demo app is useful as is, it is really just a proof of concept demo. The real value here will be in not having lots of different web pages & applications making calls into the manager interface.

In any event, I’ll send to you a PM with a download link.

If anyone else would like to help out, please let me know.