Freepbx - Asterisk 15.5.0 - cut words in some sentences


I have see some problems last week and get reported by end users about some cutting. If I count from 1 to 20 some numbers are cut and the other person do not hear that. Is happening on all phones. Well recently I have changed phone from Polycom to Yealinks. Yealink with newest firmware:

I dont see VAD enable - its disabled so this is the only thing comes to my mind. I have checked QOS on my switches and firewall - I see pockets are categorised correctly so this is not an issue here. I know it smells like QoS but its not. I dont see any errors in call in asterisk besides this:

WARNING[28216][C-000002d4]: translate.c:405 framein: no samples for ulawtolin

I don’t think this cause the problems with Yealink phones. I tried both ulaw and g729 - same issue. Seems like people started complaining after switching to Yealink phones. I am out of any ideas and only bang my head into a wall.

I’m not one, but I’ll try to help out.

Does this happen ext to ext calls, or only when going through a Trunk?
I’m not sure where in that call you see this warning, you can post a full call log using pastebin.
Is your network stable?

Finally, Asterisk 15 is EOL, the issue may not necessarily be related to Asterisk, but if it is, there won’t be an update for Asterisk 15.

From what I see: I still have a couple of Polycom VX411 and no issue at all. Seems like the only issue is with Yealink T46S & T48G which is frustrating like hell. I will try to update freepbx to the latest and see if that helps. But updating Freepbx is another challenge lucky me I used backup virtual machine and of course upgrade broke a lot of things … ehhhhhh why this is not easier?

from 14 I think this is a proper way to upgrade:

[link removed to upgrade blog - mod]

This is the upgrade wiki page, which has a newer version of the module:

looks like upgrade to the latest Freepbx with asterisk 16 helped eliminated all issue with cutting randomly words. I only wonder if 16 asterisk is stable and if I should touch basis with my SIP provider why they don’t support 15 or what was wrong with 15 - the only difference now is different asterisk and freepbx of course.

Asterisk 16 is a long term supported release, and has been existing as a series for over a year now. There are no known major problems or stability issues in it.

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