FReePBX /Asterisk 13 with DINSTAR DAG1000-40 voip gateway

Dear All
I am new to FreePBX and Asterisk 13. I have downloaded FreePBX distro and installed on a machine.
The Distro is working fine. I have also configured 2/3 softphones and checked . They work fine.

I have 3 POTS telephone lines. I have a DINSTAR DAG1000-40 4 port voip gateway. I am struggling to install the same.

I need help in configuring the above voip gateway. Since I am new to this, I will need a step by step instructions on how and what to configure both in FreePBX and DINSTAR gateway both.

By the way I am in INDIA . Please revert as soon as possible.


Looks like no information is available on how to configure Dinstar gateway on FreePBX. I searched everything on youtube and umpteen number of searches on google but no luck.

Unfortunately the manual which comes with dinstar ( downloaded from website) is written in a bad way. I have tried all kinds of combinations of various parameters but not succeeded.

Hello! Do you still need help? I was able to set it up, after tens of hours of course.

Please setup the Dinstar box as it appears in the video: youtube / watch?v=FIHKjvxbylc

Make sure you set the Offhook Auto Dial setting. I entered ā€œsā€ and it works.

In your trunk settings, make sure Authentication is set to BOTH, and Registration to NONE. And of course, enter the Secret correctly. And enter the SIP Server too.

In my experience, the gateway was disconnecting after 30 minutes. So I additionaly entered this other setting, which appears to have fixed the disconnections. Advanced trunk PJSIP settings - AOR Contact set it to 10.

Hope this helps!