Freepbx as wireless router

Is it possible to add a wireless card to my PBX with dhcp turned on to make act as wireless router to access point? i know I can use my network wireless router but I want to use PBX as a provision tools for my wifi phones.

It has nothing to do with FreePBX. Is this a distro or what OS did you install FreePBX on.

If CentOS you can turn ip routing on in /etc/sysct1.conf

Make sure you have your access lists setup right in iptables.

Skyking its a Elastix install but I can changing it if need be. My concern was how do I tell wireless card to broadcast as access point. I know you can turn on dhcp and dns in Elastix.

This isn’t Elastix support but I think they run CentOS also. The process to turn a NIC into a WAP in CentOS is well documented.