FreePBX as voipswitch class 5?

Hi, I need advice from you guys.
Right now my company provides a voip numbers for a few companies we’re using voipswitch right now i don’t know if you know anything about that company and their soft, we want to get rid of them because their soft is out of date and it hasn’t any useful functions. Main thing we want to do is still provide numbers , we need to have a billing where we can bill them put them money or if we can manage to give them minutes that would be even better, i don’t know if its called right but we need resellers, and wholesale clients too.
I hope i have explained it well so in general what would be a good solution to set up new soft and what should i look at more?

Not FreePBX. It is not designed for this.

Also you want a Class 4 switch for PSTN routing (to/from)

FreePBX is a PBX. You probably want to look at something like FreeSwitch or Kamailio

sangoma hasn’t any product with that option ?

Not sure if it will fit your needs. Speak with Sales, they should be able to answer your questions. Scott with Sangoma is very knowledgeable with SBCs.

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