FreePBX as trunk for PBXWare

Hello, I’m trying to use FreePBX as a trunking option for Bicom PBXWare.
What I did was to set-up:
In freepbx:
-Outbound routes via bandwidth trunk.
-Create an extension (200) in freepbx with a lot of channels.
In PBXware:
-Create a trunk type friend using the FreePBX extension info (200).

For outbound is working correctly, my PBXWare users can dial out and pass the caller ids without issue.

However for inbound the following is happening:
-I have a XYZ DID in Bandwidth trunk
-XYZ is configured as Inbound route in FreePBX and set to send the calls to EXT 200
-PBXWare is receiving the call, HOWEVER, Im not receiving XYZ as the incoming DID, I’m receiving 200.

So, the main question here is: Its possible to pass the inbound route DID instead the ext. number to PBXWare?

An sketch of the set-up

This is what I’m receiving in PBXware for inbound instead XYZ
|From|To|Date/Time|Total Duration|Rating Duration|Rating Cost|Status||
||1469XXXXXX|200|Feb 16 2022 02:02:55 PM|00:00:08|00:00:03||Answered|

Note: I can not set-up this specific Bandwidth trunk directly on PBXWare.
Note2: I’m a novel using Freepbx, so I guess somebody is going to tell me that use an extension as a trunk is just a bad idea, if so, please provide some guidance about what should be done to get more documentation and work on it.

Thanks in advanced for any help

I think you should be using an intra-company trunk, not an extension in FreePBX.

Type friend rings alarm bells. The only SIP channel driver with a type=friend option is deprecated and schedule for removal next year. Also type=friend is widely misused, introducing security risks and it can also cause confusion if there is an overlap of extension numbers.

Thanks for your reply David, Ok, this is only being used for trunking as the freepbx does not have any other ext.

I was looking this guide (I can not put links yet), this could apply to my case? (taking the notes to check how to config my A side with PBXWare)

[Connecting Two FreePBX/Asterisk Systems Together Over the Internet]

I created a PJSIP trunk between both PBX and:
When a call is INBOUND is being routed correctly from FreePBX to PBXWare

However, when a call is OUTBOUND through this new trunk I’m getting the message “Number not in service” which makes sense to me because FreePBX is not aware about how to route received calls in that trunk to the outside world (BW Trunk)

New question would be: In this new scenario, how I can make FreePBX to route to the BW Trunk the calls received from PBXWare ? (without the use of the extension)


Solved, was much more easy than I thought:

1- Create SIP trunk in PBXWare pointing to FreePBX
2- Create SIP trunk in FreePBX Pointing to PBXWare
3- The Trunk in Freepbx should be set in context from-internal otherwise the outbound calls does not work.

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