FreePBX as a SYNOLOGY Package

Will FreePBX be published as a SYNOLOGY Package.
Seem to be an easy installation. Could be packaged.
Can FreePBX team take contact with SYNOLOGY to initiate this?

FreePBX has a tarball that anyone can install on most linux setups. We do not build specific package types except for the FreePBX Distro we have a RPM.

I agree, Synology used to have it on the nas for a one click install. Not sure why they stoped. I’m sure the Synology will run it better than some of they new stuff comming out. Anyway i’m in the same boat because I want to beable to utilize it as well.

I know at one point Synology had Asterisk on there nas as a one click install. I have noticed they no longer use it. Do you have any experiancce on installing freePBX on the Synology NAS?

I seem to remember lots of people with problems with Synology’s Asterisk, on the Asterisk community forum. That was probably around the time this thread originated.

I was thinking if I do an install within Linux instead of going through the DSM if it would work.

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