FreePBX architecture


Anybody can share some docs about FreePBX architecture?
I read in old posts that realtime model is changed in the Asterisk 12. What is the replacement ? It will use in FreePBX?

The best place to start is the Developer Wiki

FreePBX Doesn’t use Realtime, as it was (historically) much much slower. However, in Asterisk 13.9 this slowness was ‘fixed’ - as in, an Asterisk startup went from 2+ hours to 30 seconds.

It may be something we address in the future, but for the moment, it’s unlikely to change.

Thanks for reply.

Can you give some hints for this feature in Asterisk? my googling is ineffective.

Please check this: How exactly FreePBX works

Andrew was talking about this bug that you mentioned ? or whole different thing?!

It’s not a bug, it’s just the way it worked. A more effective way of working was put into 13.9. But that post is exactly correct.

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