FreePBX - Apply Changes "Disabled"


I hope someone can answer this one…

The company I work for recently inherited a new client. The “Apply Changes” button in FreePBX does everything except do the “core reload” of Asterisk. They/We have to run it manually (asterisk -rx “core reload”)

We were told that someone somewhere along the way found that function in the FreePBX “Source Code” (php…) and commented it out.

My question is: Where in the php is “core reload”, “amportal foo”, etc, actually happen so I can put it back in? We are trying to tread very lightly with this machine right now so shoving a fresh FreePBX install over top of what’s there isn’t an option. :frowning:

FreePBX 2.10



Found it!

For anyone reading (including Google’s spider… :slight_smile: )

Line 379 of admin/

if (version_compare($version,'1.4','lt')) { $astman->send_request('Command', array('Command'=>'moh reload')); (This is the line that was commented out:) $astman->send_request('Command', array('Command'=>'reload')); } else { $astman->Reload();

Just to clarify you are using a very old version of Asterisk (1.4), on any version greater than 1.4 we run a full reload

Very VERY old. Yes, we know. Again, we’re trying to tread very lightly right now during the “transition period”… We have an AsteriskNow 3.0 machine being prepped in its place.

Thank you for the head’s up!


You would be better off using the official FreePBX distro rather than AsteriskNow. Nothing against AsteriskNow but using real FreePBX will give you better support options.