FreePBX Appliance-like chassis

A little off-topic, but does anyone have any recommendations for small rackmount chassis & motherboards similar to those used on the FreePBX appliances. The main criteria is that I need something where all of the connectors and PCI slots are front-facing.

Cheers & thanks,

Have you checked the pbx act 60 appliance?

If you’re looking for “just a case”, you can check out Bestlink Netware. Their prices are competitive and they carry a good selection of cases. Having built several PBX systems over the years, I’d stay away from the 1U cases - most 2U cases take standard power supplies and don’t tend to overheat as quickly.

Thanks Dave, I’ll take a look. This isn’t for a PBX but rather for an access control appliance which will be pretty basic. I just happened to be browsing here for some other stuff and clicked thru the appliances page and it was a “that’s the style of case I need” moment.