FreePBX Appears to be working but not allowing any changes

My FreePBX has been running faultlessly until I recently started tinkering with some Apache virtual servers via Webmin in order to install AjaxPlorer. Another modification was switching on Magic quotes (A suggested option on AJAX), momentarily forgetting that FreePBX dislikes this. Once I realised I immediately turned it back off again.
As a result of these changes FreePBX allows me to log in via the database authentication fine. Once into the system everything appears to be working fine until I try and change something. Upon hitting any submit button, the page just refreshes with no change being recorded. This strangely applies to var/www/recordings authentication, the page just appears to refresh after entering an extension & password.
I did run some permission changes but not to the var/www/admin folder or any asterisk owned folder in the www root.

I did try and restore the php.ini file back to the standard production settings, but it hasn’t helped.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your time.


I did get to the bottom of this rather silly problem and it turned out to be the virtual servers in Apache. I removed everything that was surplus and restored the directives on the share for FreePBX. Must of been some odd conflict. Not a PHP issue as I suspected though.