Freepbx api to external system

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hi. i know asterisk/freepbx, but i don’t know development.

if i have an external crm (zoho), and of course, that crm has a well documented api book.

what i want to do, is make asterisk talk to that crm with their api. it’s currently integrated with their plugin and it’s rubbish. and on the other hand, i can integrate using sangoma’s commercial plugin, but it doesn’t have an important feature of call pop-ups of the built-in pop-up of the crm. it only utilize the zulu pop-up which is quite worthless other than just a plain pop-up.

so my question is : how complicated is it to get the asterisk to POST actions to the crm?
actions like : incoming calls and contact lookup from the crm, inbound call pop-ups, queues and such
do i need a developer or i can win this myself? thank you

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