FreePBX API/Integration Help

Hey Everyone.

I’m looking to create a dashboard for users where they can login and create conferences and PIN numbers for those conferences. That way the companies I manage can do that on their on. I have a few questions:

  1. Can this be done with the API? and does anyone have any examples or docs to get me started?
  2. Would it be best to grab and write this to the DB directly?
  3. How would I initial a “reload config” once a conference/pin is created or deleted?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

If you want to get your hands dirty with dynamically built conferences

and for a more developed example or two

the sqlite3 asteriskdb is used to store the variables and you can query them in your webapp.

Not really looking for one-time dymanic conference. Just if someone needs to create one for the future, they can. Do your links still apply to that?

By dynamically built, I mean outside of FreePBX, you being the dynamo :slight_smile: the asteriskdb is stable over restarts etc.

Creating them in the database (as @dicko suggests) is the simplest and probably most effective way to get this done in Asterisk. The only thing that might become an issue is that I’m not sure about how FreePBX will react to these externally generated conferences.

FreePBX maintains its own database for a lot of this stuff, so it may not be able to manage these. It might - I don’t know. If it does, you’re golden. If not, you might have to dig around in the FreePBX MySQL tables and find the corresponding updates there.

This shouldn’t be challenging at all - make two database updates in your application is really not much harder than doing just one.