FreePBX answers too quickly

I have FreePBX 12 connected through a PRI. We have a team that works from our office that is trying to ring a group of DIDs that connect through to extensions. However, the extensions are signaling Answered as soon as the call makes it to the PBX and it causes one of the inbound calls to be torn down too quickly. I have tried enabling Signal RINGING in the inbound route, but it hasn’t helped. The extension still signals Answered immediately, even though the call is still actually ringing at the person’s desk. Is there a way to have the extension ring but not actually signal Answered until the person picks up the handset. Any help would be good. Thanks!

This would be a phone problem as a phone should never signal answered until it answers the call. Not a PBX but phone problem.

I have tracked down the issue to fax detection having been enabled on one of the numbers. I discovered this by looking at the call counter as I called each DID individually. It didn’t start until the user answered for one of the lines but started immediately for the other. I compared both and found that the Fax Detection on the inbound routes was the difference. Thanks for your help!