FreePBX and Zycoo ZX20

Not sure if this is the appropriate thread to post this, and this is my first time posting on the forum.

A little background…I have been running FreePBX on a Dell Hybrid (small form factor) pc for over a year and half for my small business without problems. I have of course been using SIPSTATION for my voip needs and it is working wonderfully.

Recently, the hard drive on my pbx has been failing and I figured now would be the time to upgrade my entire system since the Dell Hybrid doesn’t have support for PCI cards and I want to add support for PTSN on my pbx.

I have a Zycoo ZX20 lying around and was wondering, since it already has two FXO ports, would there be any way to flash the on board memory for this device with FreePBX? That would be great if it was at all possible.

Thanks :slight_smile: