FreePBX and using Office 365 for email relay

So I throw my hands up in the air, beating FreePBX/Asterisk into submission is sometimes futile.

What is the problem? There are hard-coded FROM addresses from the system that use:

[email protected] or [email protected]

With my Office 365 Exchange cloud email, due to strict anti spam, these get blocked. So, my solution was to use a blend of local SMTP on my Windows Server box, spf entries in my DNS records for my domain, and other various tweaks in the settings of my O365 account.

Please see this page for the nitty gritty.

I wish that it would just work through the FreePBX GUI, and what I mean by that is that the FROM addresses are not configurable, and that is one of the issues that made it really difficult to setup.

Did you put this in an issues ticket? We’re interested in helping, but if there’s a bug, the developers won’t likely see your post.

You can modify postfix with aliases that convert either just the part of the address or the sender too.

There is a FreePBX support page for setting up SMTP manually and it is really helpful. You could for example on-the-fly convert [email protected] to [email protected].

cynjut, not so much as an issue, as more in a feature request. However, one that should of been implemented a long time ago.

FreePBX is so much evolved that diving into the shell is not called for much these days. Why not add this feature? After all, many are now using restricted email servers that will insist on actual authorized email addresses only.

When one can not control them, you have to get creative to learn how to beat it. Or in the case of kolpinkb, post about postfix and what is needed to convert the hard coded email addresses into ones that will work with your email provider.

I suppose I can add this as a feature request against 14…13 is not getting any new features, right?

Thanks again, all.