FreePBX and SNOM Phones


I am trying the new FreePBX software with the view of upgrading our existing AsteriskNOW system, however i am unable to get our SNOM 360 (Version snom360-SIP 6.0.6) and SNOM 300 (Version snom300-SIP 6.2.3) to register

Error on the phone is Network Failure…

I believe FreePBX is setup correctly as I’m able to get Xlite to register without any problems

Does anyone have similar problems ?

Is there a Fix ??

Thank you

If it is on a local network do you have NAT set to no in the FreePBX GUI?

Thank you for your reply…

I have tried both with NAT set to yes/never/no both within the GUI and also the phone…all settings produce the same problem.