FreePBX and sip "replaces" header support

Hello there, I’ve been searching for a while for a solution for my needs, and i couldn’t come up with one.

I’m trying to add Apple push notification support to our FreePBX server and our iOS dialer app.
The integration with Apple is pretty easy, i use PHPAGI to communicate with Apple servers.

The problem i’m struggling with is the pickup procedure,
I know i have to use something called “Replaces” sip-header but i can’t find nothing on the FreePBX control panel.
I want to come up with something like the following:
Let’s say extension 1000 wants to call extension 1001, So:

  1. 1000 dials to 1001.
  2. FreePBX puts the call on hold, then runs php script that sends push notification to the destination with “local tag, remote tag and call id”.
  3. The Dialer at the destination gets the push notificatin and then sends back INVITE with the Replaces header.
  4. FreePBX gets the INVITE pcaket and resume the call.
  5. 1000 and 1001 are talking.

I’ve noticed more phrases like BLF pickeup and direct pickup, but i couldn’t find something on the FreePBX control panel.

Any suggestions?
Tnx alot!

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