FreePBX and RAD MP-2100VoIP

Hello there,
I do have several of those RAD channel banks install already and the software I am using is dying on me. My question is can I use the FreePBX system to work with those channel banks.

Thanks in advance


Do the channels banks have standard channelized T1 interfaces?

If so the answer is yes.

OK this is more information about the RAD
So on the RAD all you are configuring is the Gate Keeper IP and extension #
The Gate keeper is SUN machine and it is connecting to a MSSQL database. The Data base have all the information about the remote RAD device.
Now the question is this Can I use the FreePBX to replace the GK and the MSSQL?

Thank you

They don’t,
Hey have an IP address and a MVC card I can configure to have up to 8 phone numbers on that location. The software I use now is called “verso” but as I said is not good. I am looking for alternative and this PBX looks very good, if we can make it work with my channel banks…

Thank you