FreePBX and PHP support


If I install FreePBX 15 on Debian 10 with PHP 7.3 I receive the error with fwconsole reload:

In Less.php line 9468:
[Whoops\Exception\ErrorException (2)]
“continue” targeting switch is equivalent to “break”. Did you mean to use “continue 2”?

Therefore I cannot confirm that FreePBX 15 is running with PHP 7.3.


Framework v15.0.16.9 has the Less.php update.

fwconsole ma --edge upgradeall should get that and all the others you need.


That helps, thank you.
But the reload function does not work from the GUI anymore, only with the fwconsole comman.


What happens? Does an error appear? Are you trying to apply some specific change that causes a failure?


The GUI says it cannot reload and I should use fwconsole reload --verbose. This one makes the job without an error, but the GUI is still showing that I have to apply the config.


I do not know the reason for that. By the way, watch this ticket: It may be related in some way to what you are seeing.


With Debian there is a genius solution. A second instance of the apache web server can run under another user and also with another PHP version. From the official PHP maintainer there are packages available for PHP 5.6 for Debian 9 and 10. With this configuration FreePBX 14 works without a problem.

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