FreePBX and NRENum

Dear All,

I’ve installed FreePBX-64bit-10.13.66. for the purpose of using it as a SIP proxy for the NRENum. Installation was successful and I am able to dial internally between two extensions however I cannot find any information on how configure FreePBX to connect with NRENum.

I’d appreciate if anyone has done this and can share some information with me.



There are lots of things that FreePBX does well. SIP Proxy isn’t one of them.

It’s hard to get right and even then it’s not really the right tool. @dicko has some thoughts on this that he’s repeated over and over again. Perhaps he can point you at a more appropriate (and far less frustrating) solution.

NRENum would seem to be an alternate to enum, there are many results by googleing it, and there is an agi script


that is hardcoded to the sources, you would probably need to fix that for efficiency and add an account with NRENum and any DNS entries to support your local numbers for incoming.

Enum never really took off, so don’t expect too much support around here.

Also if you really need a SIP proxy, then Kamailio has an equally old enum module.

Good Luck

thank you all for your responses. I actually added to the array in /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/enumlookup.agi
$enums = Array(‘’,‘’,‘’,‘’); and created an ENUM trunk with a default outbound route all that with no luck. We are actually maintaining the zone for therefore we already have few entries in the DNS. I would probably give N-ECS “” a try if FreePBX is not the right product to join NRENum