FreePBX and Multicell DECT?

Hello everyone,

does anybody know of a Multicell DECT solution that works with FreePBX?

I’d like to use Yealink W80/W90 but there is no support for them in the commercial EPM.

Asterisk in general seems to be working, since 3CX offers support for this important feature.

Likely most devices will work with FreePBX even if they are not supported or do not work in EPM.

It work, but support in EMP would be greatly appreciated …
I made a request to Sangoma which has remained unanswered to this day…

No one here will be able to make it supported with the commercial EPM if it does not, only the EPM developer Sangoma and the phone manufacturer.

If your goal is to have an EPM-supported (sure that it works, and help if it does not) DECT phone, what is in that link (above), as supported, is what you will be limited to.

OSS Endpoint manager module could be another option if you are willing to do the work in getting something developed and submitted.


I have used Gigaset N720, Gigaset N870 and Yealink W80 and they all work fine behind FreePBX. Configuration has to be done in the DECT manager.

Gr. Bart.

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