FreePBX and GV, newb question

I have installed FreePBX in a virtual machine as I lack an old tower to throw it on for now and I have it up and running. I can make outbound calls and I can make an inbound call and it rings the extension but when I click the answer button on the softphone, it says it answered the call but the call keeps ringing on the other end.

Ive tried searching the forum and google and really cant find any solution to the issue and I figured that Id ask here and see if any of you guys know whats up?

Sounds like some ports are still not opened…(if memory served me well, had same issue once with GTALK behind a bloody ridiculously complex firewall). Its the signaling not working properly both ways.

Ports and/or also IP addresses. Be sure inbound as well as outbound has no issue connecting to the google servers…

Try this:
Open outbound
TCP: 5222,5223,443,80
UDP: Any*

*To see if this works, you can close down later once u figured it can work

Thanks for the input, ill give that a try and see what happens

Ok so I know this post has gotten stale but anyways, I tried setting up the ports in my router and the incoming call still is not being completed, it still rings on the other end and I have answered the call on the softphone end. The only thing left to try is to put the server on a DMZ and see if that helps any.