FreePBX and Google Voice


This is the first time posting to this group so I apologize if this question has been answered before. I am a complete novice when it comes to FreePBX and Asterisk however and am definitely in it to learn. I have FreePBX ver 2.8.5 installed and I am using Google Voice for my outbound trunk.

The issue that I am having is I can get inbound calls just fine with my system. Outbound calls are my problem. I had everything set up correctly for a month or so but all of a sudden, within the last week, I haven’t been able to make any kind of outbound calls.

These are the instructions which I have followed and it allowed it to work perfectly.

I have done everything I can think of to get my system to work again with no luck. I have even grabbed an old 400mhz system I had sitting in the garage and installed it on there with the same settings as my other system. Still no luck.

Did Google change anything with their system to stop allowing Asterisk to use it for calls?

If anyone can help point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.


You can find discussion and fix here:—-maybe