Freepbx and davolink dv-223 FXO gateway device

hi guys
I am asterisknow beginner user. I have some problems. I was downloaded asterisknow iso image and intalled in my own pc. but i can’t configure my davo dv-332 FXO gateway device.
i have
asterisknow 1.5 ip-
davo dv-332 ip-
4 PSTN line
20 sip users (X-lite)
My aim was:
I have 20 sip users and they are call internal was good performance, but i can’t use external call(use davo gateway) to PSTN . I don’t know how to register FXO port in freepbx

someone help me please!

So here you say you are Asterisknow user. In the trixbox forum you claim to be trixbox user.

You are sending PM’s for advice and spraying the forums with messages, if you want support you need to slow down and wait for someone to help you.

Reading the link on Asterisk trunking that I sent you would be a great start.