FreePBX and Cisco SPA504 - xferlX and conflX

Greetings, I THINK I know what is going on here but not 100% and I am unclear of where to go from here.

So I am fairly sure this is a Cisco phone deal and has to do with the programming of the softkeys.
But here is the situation.
-Call comes into x500 and is put on hold
-another call comes into x500
-the second call needs to be transferred but the softkeys only show xferlX and conflX, neither of which allow for a normal transfer
(I can duplicate this all day and I tried it on a Sangoma phone which worked just fine)
(I also see that this works on a 525 just fine so possible a limitation of the 504?)

So has anyone seen this? Is this a softkey deal on the phone? Is this an order of operations situation where the user needs to trained? Or am I totally just missing the obvious.

Any input is much appreciated,
Thank you.

For anyone else with this issue after much searching/digging I think I found the answer which is here.