FreePBX and Cisco 7970 Woes

Still coming up Unprovisioned

My setup:
FreePBX 5.211.65-8 32bit
OSS Endpoint
Cisco 7970 SIP70.8-2-2SR3S

Link to my SEPmac.xml

Any ideas/help?

Personally i love the cisco 79xx series they sound and perform great better than some newer phones i used even newer phones from cisco.

If you really want to understand the cisco 79xx series you have to configure the configs independently of the end point manager until to find a working config + firmware. Also if you have never gotten one to work with asterisk don’t feel too bad you just have to approach it slowly… one phone one extension, learn the unlock and reset codes.

my suggestion is:

  1. turn on verbose logging for tftp
  2. find firmware recommendations the best suit asterisk…
  3. find sample config files for your model phone I only have 7940 7965
  4. put files in tftp folder and monitor the files getting pulled by the phone. if the files are pulled and still done work you may get unprovisioned
  5. once you’ve homed into working config file settings. visit the end point manager (not oss but the paid module) and alter any specifics in the template to better match the configs you explored.

while flipping firmware’s you may need to do a erase reset to for phone to look to new firmware.

on this page you will see the as the firmware progress on different models, it either broke or succeeded with sip firmwares.

And as I’ve seen SkykingOH states sticking with version 8 firmware for 7970 is probably the known best config for this phone. if you luck maybe someone can post up a work tftp dump for you with a config. just remember when you get it you may have to firmware update first.

also it looks like under you missing the phone server
should look like this = ip of asterisk.

true = ip of asterisk.