FreePBX and Certified Asterisk

Is there no support for the certified Asterisk builds or is the install_amp script in FreePBX12 not setup for it?
I am trying to install the latest released FreePBX12 on the latest Certified Asterisk 11 and install_amp returns
"Checking for Asterisk version…[FATAL] Could not determine asterisk version (got: “Asterisk certified/11.6-cert15” please report this)"

I understand why you want to limit the installer to released versions only but I don’t know if this is intentional or an error.

FreePBX 12 is 3 years old now and not getting any development work. I suggest you move to FreePBX 13.

Okay, but with that aside has there always been no support for the Certified Asterisk builds? Or do I have an error somewhere?

There is an Advanced setting called Force Asterisk Version:

Normally FreePBX gets the current Asterisk version directly from Asterisk. This is required to generate proper dialplan for a given version. When using some custom Asterisk builds, the version may not be properly parsed and improper dialplan generated. Setting this to an equivalent Asterisk version will override what is read from Asterisk. This SHOULD be left blank unless you know what you are doing.

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I found that, but that only works if I can get FreePBX installed first. I cannot because the install script fails with Fatal