FreePBX and CentOS base: CentOS is dead from now on

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Ah, you’re a marketing expert. But consider that every OS and distro that Sangoma says they support would need to be part of a QA process, otherwise folks would come here and rant about bugs being released. And the tech support team would need to have expertise on all the platforms as well. Ok marketing expert, sounds like you need to really increase the software engineering and IT teams at Sangoma. I guess that would also increase costs. Maybe Distro shouldn’t be free after all.

I’m not a fanboi of Sangoma, but I am a fan of basic business sense.

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Just to put this thread back on track. Seems like @mfredrickson has mentioned that they are experimenting with CentOS 8 and potentially other CentOS forks. Does that mean other distros are out of possibilities? Curious which fork Sangoma is leaning toward.

I figured the overall discussion here was to just provide comments on other options. It totally makes sense to work with something that is similar to what you have now, based on the time and speed to move to another platform. It would be nice to have updates on which way Sangoma is leaning.


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At this point, any distro not based on RHEL is out of the picture. It’d be quite a bit of work to leave that ecosystem and cause a lot of churn on those in the userbase that have invested time and tooling with assumption of a RHEL based distro.

The the most likely candidate right now is Rocky Linux. It’s got some founder cred (by one of the guys that started the CentOS project back in the day) and a lot of support. Assuming they hit their release targets, and all that.

Matthew Fredrickson

RockyLinux is here
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