FreePBX and Asterisk on a large system

We are a company with 1200 extensions running on our legacy PBX.
We are introducing FreePBX and planning on migrating everything over slowly.
My management is not sure about FreePBX/Asterisk, as we have never heard of a company of our size using it,
It seems to be used in smaller companies generally.

Are there companies out there that use FreePBX/Asterisk on a system with several hundred users and for whom it works well?

I, personally, have set up a couple of 2000+ seat FreePBX sites. It works perfectly. Just don’t try to skimp on hardware.

Make sure you’re running FreePBX-HA, and you have decent, modern, machines.

FreePBX has plenty of 5000 user plus systems out their. We are talking in the thousands not a random few.

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