FreePBX and Andriod SIP client ( removing IP address from caller id)


i have recently ditched zioper from my mobile devices and switched to androids built in sip client , everything works perfectly ( no call drops or random 1 way audio like i was getting with zoiper) but…

when the call comes in via freepbx to my android mobiles it also displays the ipadress of my pbx in the caller id like [email protected] which triggers the call being marked as possible spam and not being able to call back as the number is wrong with the @ ip address after it.

anyone ever had this situation and is there a simple fix. im guessing its just something i need to set right on free pbx? or is it something on the android client side?

Thanks in advance

surely someone else is using freepbx with android sip clients?

Yes, but I’m not seeing the problem you are. You should start troubleshooting by looking at your log files and see what (if anything) you are sending to the call. It’s possible that one of the many RPID related headers isn’t getting sent to the client.

Except for test / hobby / educational purposes, I wouldn’t recommend the native client. Reasons include:

  1. No support for push notification (poor battery life).
  2. Intentionally removed from most phones sold by carriers.
  3. Not available for iPhone.
  4. No good debugging tools.
  5. Good luck getting any support.

If you still want to fix the IP address issue, try rewriting the From or P-Asserted-Identity header sent to the extension.

Or, if you need to return a call from History, long-press the number and choose ‘Edit number before call’.

Hi, is there a client for android phones you would recommend? Zoiper drove me round the twist with what seemed to be random failures to register, call drops after what also seemed random amount of time similar with one way audio ( 1 in say 50, incoming calls would be 1 way audio)

so far the native sip android client hasn’t suffered any of these issues ( other than the one mentioned in this post)
I’m not worried about iPhone, we exclusively use android handsets.

i will read-up on P-Asserted-Identity ( thanks for the tip)
any recommendations are welcome.

You might want to try “Grandstream Wave” but most soft-phones on android will benefit (as will your batteries) by using TCP over UDP, (I have about equal satisfaction with both GS and Zoiper)

If you have the budget Bria is liked by some.

Thanks dicko, will look into GS…

It depends on the client. Generic softphone probably would not be too customizeable, but it is likely that if PABX would send display name it would be used instead of full URI.

Ive been using Groundwire for 6+ months and it works great with my PBX on my Android. I have it setup as its own extension in a ring group so anyone that calls me EXT it also rings my mobile extension Groundwire app on my phone… I have had zero issues with it, works great.

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