FreePBX and AAH 2.8


I’m bailing on Trixbox due to TDM400 sound quality issues. My question now is:

Does FreePBX work with AAH 2.8? Are there any problems with making a backup through FreePBX 2.1.3 on TB 1.2.2 and then restoring them on AAH 2.8 that’s been upgraded to FreePBX 2.1.3??




Steve / Red Fish ???

Did you grab my re mastered iso???

If you want to test your restore to a AAH updated to ast and zaptel freepbx on a vmware I can set up a demo box and you test it (will not tell anything other than if the exten and so work)

only the faxing is broken once more (shocking)

The box is set to return to snapshoot of fresh install on reboot

I will give you (Steve A.K.A. red fish) root access and total control of the box and when you are done just reboot and BAM cleaned

Hi Bubba,

Yes, it’s me… Steve, Red_Fish, Fish etc.

I can’t receive any PMs on the TB forum because the feature is broken for me. It says I have 3405 messages and shows a blank page when I try to access them. Perhaps a DOS attack? I suppose I’m not the most popular bloke on that forum.

I would love to try a copy of your ISO…



I tried installing FreePBX 2.1.3 onto AAH 2.8. Everything seemed to be working fine, but incoming calls over zaptel wouldn’t work.

I tried manually configuring the trunk and incoming/outgoing… still no luck. Incoming zaptel gets answered and then asterisk says "… number not in service… message. It’s acting like inbound routes aren’t set up.

Other than that, it’s amazing how well the voice and echo tests work compared to TB (and on the very same hardware, mind you)! Calling out over PSTN is crystal clear and almost zero latency. The *43 echo test is so quick that it isn’t even like an echo. With TB 1.2.2 it audio is delayed and breaks up.

I would really like to get AAH 2.8 working with FreePBX if possible…



I discovered that AAH needs a catch-all incoming route for zaptel:

IT SOUNDS FANTASTIC - the way TB should’ve always been.