Freepbx analog card setup with virualbox

Any one knows how to set up the analog card with freepbx installed in the virtualbox?
It is a sangoma Digium Quad Analog A4B card. It seems that the freepbx won’t automatically recognize the card

I assume we are talking about Oracle VirtualBox?

I can’t see anything in the user guide that would suggest that it can virtualse arbitrary hardware, and I wouldn’t expect that feature to exist. Directly passing through access would fatally compromise the isolation between virtual machines.

Can you point me to somewhere in the documentation that suggests that what you are doing is supported?

(If it were supported, I would expect there to be configuration somewhere either defining a device and listing all the resources involved, or else something for a virtual machine listing hardware resources to which it had direct access.

You can’t virtualize pci in virtualbox. The best bet for virtual machines is a gateway device

You actually can (sort off) but it is fraught with problems

unless guru level, don’t expect “easy” :wink:

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