FreePBX Advanced Settings sendrpid = yes, trustrpid = no

As requested here I’ve opened a forum thread.

With one of my SIP trunk providers, messing with the gui settings didn’t help send CLI. However, entering the same details in the conf directly worked. It seemed like a bug, however I might not be understanding something…


These don’t go in the Advanced SIP Settings module.

They go in the Trunk module for the particular VOIP provider, in the PEER details. If you put them there, FreePBX writes them into the .conf files (probably the very same one where you’ve put them manually).

For example, for Callcentric, here are the proper Peer Details:


Which provider are you using?

Yes that’s good advice. I’ve moved these particular settings to just the particular trunk that requires them. Thank you…

As it happens, putting the settings in sip_custom.conf was overkill. But my other provider didn’t mind the additional global settings.

However, my understanding remains that I should have been able to make the global change (that I did manually in sip_custom.conf) in Advanced Settings. Any of the four combinations of those two radio buttons (SIP trustrpid & SIP sendrpid), don’t get my CLI presented on outbound calls. Maybe that’s because these are Device (not Trunk) settings…

Thanks now

PS using provider cloudcalling.

Thank you for your investigations and explanations. I was confused that the Advanced Setting is only a default for new additions rather than a live setting.

“Default” could mean a setting that is applied if not countermanded, or an initial explicit setting. Just a thought: I do wonder if this could perhaps be a little clearer in the GUI to help others (and me) in the future…

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there’s always room for improvement. If you would like to open a ticket suggesting a more clear description it’s not a hard thing to change.

With tooltips, the only time we hesitate to change them is in a current release if there have been a lot of translations provided since changing any string breaks the translation for that string for all provided translations until redone by the translators. At this point though in 2.10 that’s probably not a concern yet.