FreePBX Administration GUI - Routing problem?


I am aware that this might not be a FreePBX issue, but I thought you might have some ideas.

Ever since I switched to FreePBX 13 I am having issues with the GUI not loading properly. For example, I log in and the dashboard does not fully display. Or I only get the header. Or the page does not load at all. This happens “randomly” on all pages. Sometimes the work, but mostly the don’t.

I happends with all browsers - so the browser extension do not matter.

It works totally fine on another machine. I can not see any difference in the configuration.

However, I have Frontier/Verizon Fios and the stations having the problem are connected via MoCa. This has been running without any problems since years and I really use these machines a lot.

I ran out of ideas … do you have any?