FreePBX Admin Console Loading to a White Page

Hey Guys,

Try to make this short and sweet. I have a friend who has been using freepbx for a while. They contacted me letting me know that they cannot access the GUI. Initially the were just complaining about /admin/config.php, which turns out is missing, but also all pages end up loading to a white blank page.

I have searched a bit and everything seems to relate to a bug from an update, I do not think my friend has updated the system in a LONG time!

Any tips? This is the errors I am seeing in HTTPd/error_logs are:

[Wed May 07 16:33:34 2014] [error] [client 66.XXX.XX.XX] script ‘/var/www/html/admin/1.php’ not found or unable to stat

Thanks in advance.

If he hasn’t updated in a long time then he was probably hacked. 1.php is not any file we work with.

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