Freepbx activation

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i installed freepbx distro 15 on a hardware that is connected to the internet then i activated it by entering a portal account.

i have another hardware where i installed freepbx distro but this device can not be connected to the internet even for once. so apparently i could not activate freepbx!

so is there a way in order to completely activate freepbx offline?
i need the activation only for network settings page and power options.


Look in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts for files named ifcfg-eth0 or similar. Edit these as required to change IP address, etc.

For power options, just use the command line reboot and shutdown commands (if you need these more than once a year, something is wrong).

Otherwise, you’ll have to rig a temporary connection to the internet for activation. If the hardware has Wi-Fi, set up a temporary hotspot on your mobile.

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