FreePBX Activation in Standalone Environment - NO INTERNET ACCESS

We are implementing FreePBX in 10 “similar” standalone classroom environments. None of these classrooms have any external connectivity whatsoever. We are simply using the FreePBX to simulate real world scenarios acted out between students and instructors. Again, all calls stay within classroom and do not have any external connectivity whatsoever; no Internet access.

Is there any way whatsoever that I can “activate” the FreePBX software without having Internet access?

Do you have some reason to be concerned about “activation”? The only thing (as far as I know) that it gets you is access to the Online repository and the ability to use Commercial packages. Unless you’re planning on your unconnected classrooms to be set up as call centers, I’m not sure registration will get you anything.

Now, one thing you might need to know is that one of the steps of installing FreePBX is the update to the latest version during the initial installation. When you asked this question last week, you were talking about cloning the server over and over after you got it set up. That sounds like a perfectly reasonable way to go.

No we have no support for activating without internet connection.