FreePBX & A2Billing CDRs omissions


For few years now we have been using a FreePBX (Trixbox) in combination with A2billing. The FreePBX is used to handle user’s calls management (extensions, trunks); A2billing to handle users’ web portals and billing for out-going calls to PSTN.

Lately we have noticed calls on providers’ CDRs, which were not showing on our A2b records. On further investigation we have found that some percentage of the outgoing calls is missing from the A2b CDRs but we are being billed for, from the provider side. We have found a similar situation with two of our providers, making us believe the problem is in our own system somewhere.

So far we did not succeeded in identifying a pattern to the non-billed calls, side of their existence. When we compare the FreePBX CDR to A2b, for calls dialed to PSTN; we see an inconsistency. The majority of outgoing calls on the FreePBX CDR (95% ~) will be billed on A2b properly, but some percentage will go through and billed only on the provider side.

We are using FreePBX on Trixbox, A2billing 1.6.0
Any ideas where or why this might happen, or how to further check the issue?