Freepbx 7 digit dialing issue

I am not able to dial 7 digit dialing plan, I can add a prepend for local code but cant dial 7 digit if I am dialing out of state.

That’s nothing new. No one has ever been able to use 7 digits in the US/Canada and call out of state or any form of long distance. That requires an area code and if you are prepending an area code to 7 digits then anything not in that area code will not work. You cannot use 7 digits to dial outside of your area code that you are prepending to the 7 digits.

i m using below dialing pattern to avoid any huge entries for every code, its is working however, when I try calling out of state sometime 0 is stripped from the number and sometimes not

Because India does have a ‘closed’ dial schema, start with

National calls are 0ZXXXXXXXXXX, always 0 followed by 1-9, then 9more digits, intenational 00ZXXXXX. 00 followed by 1-9 ,then at least 5 more digits (The Soloman Islands) Take whatever you consider ‘local’ and what is’out of state’ and specific prefixes so building out from there

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