Freepbx 3

I’ve read the statements on freepbx 3 on how the move to bluebox gives it “independence” but I am still confused. What will be become of freebpx 2.x in the future? Are we expected to move to bluebox at some point because 2.x will be eol?

You must be reading very old messages. FreePBX 3 project was moved away years ago. I don’t know what they are up to today.

I have to ask, if you read our site news is the Schmooze acquisition and all of the other posts not clear the path the project is on? I certainly would not want anyone to think they are installing a project without a future, the exact opposite is true.

Well it was clear that there was a FreePBX 3 project and that is was handed off. So it led me to question is FreePBX 3 going to happen at some point? I realize the 2.x is under active development but then does FreePBX 3 ( take over from once 2.x is eol? Is FreePBX 3 freeswitch only and FreePBX 2 asterisk only? It’s just a little weird that FreePBX 3 was in the works and it was handed off. It makes FreePBX 2 seem like the end of the road. Will schmooze make a new FreePBX 3? If so, what was the point in handing it off?

That was the idea way back but FreePBX 3 never happened and eventually became Bluebox. Full stop.

So at some point there will likely be a “new” FreePBX 3 based on asterisk? And FreePBX will likely always based on asterisk?

There are no plans to move away from Asterisk. As far as numbering nomenclature who knows. FreePBX was the idea of some folks, not the people that run the project. Bluebox is it’s own project, no overlap.