FreePBX 2.9 won't record every call


My problem is, that at the Recordings panel I can see every call for every Extension, but, at the Call monitor there are some calls, which has not PLAY and DOWNLOAD button.
This calls are mostly between internal extensions.

I have configured my PBX to record every incoming, and outgoing calls (in each extension the config is “Always” for the in, and outgoing calls.

At General settings/Call Recording
Extension Recording Override: Disable
Call recording format: wav

I have 9 extensions, that I want to record.

Asterisk has some well known call recording bugs. I believe that in FreePBX 2.10, the developers of FreePBX took it upon themselves to write their own code to handle call recordings and make them work better. So, you may wish to upgrade to a newer version of FreePBX, Asterisk or both.

Thank you the answer.
I updated my system yesterday, and the systemi is under test.